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Jacoby Tarbox Eductor Body

eductor body
Superior Eductors By Every Measure - Full ANSI Rated Eductors.

The Clark Reliance Corporation with its Jerguson / Jacoby Tarbox Eductors, delivers greater value for your investment on every count.  Clark Reliance has now partnered with Northeast Controls Incorporated to bring out this product's full potential.  World Class Manufacturering provided by the Clark Reliance Corporation and fully supported by Northeast Controls Incorporated. 


Our advanced design provides superior flow paths for optimum performance, while the rugged construction is your assurance of reliability on demanding applications. Eductors are also known as Jet pumps.  Jet pumps not only pump liquids, they can also heat, mix and blend either in-line or in-tank. Jet pumps can evacuate gases, create a vacuum, boost suction pressures, mix granular solids with liquids and move granular solids with compressed air.

In addition, they are offered at prices equal to or lower than other makers of eductors, or conventional electric pumps.


The Jacoby Tarbox Eductors were designed to provide some real advantages over those currently being sold by other manufacturers with features such as:

  • All models are Full ANSI Rated.
  • ISO9001 Manufacturer.
  • Wrench flats at pipe connections prevent damage to unit on installation and removal.
  • Ultra-smooth machining of nozzle finish.
  • Vacuum-tight and leak-free 0-ring seal.
  • Machining of mixing tube to specified finish.
  • Wide variety of connections.
  • Entire unit meets ASME/ANSI B16.5