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Fusion Bonded Coating
  • Machineable
  • Excellent Abrasion Resistance
  • 300° F Continuous Service
  • Self-Lubricating
  • Electically Insulating
  • Impact Resistant
  • Withstands Saltwater Environment

At last, a single coating offering abrasion resistance so excellent that it can withstand the punishment of sand blasting and yet be used on medical instruments subjected to repeated sterilization. This unique coating can be applied from 5-35 mils thick and has found many areas of use.

Current areas of use include:
  • Pharmaceutical Processing Equipment
  • Blast Equipment
  • Medical Instruments
  • Electronic Components
  • Paper Manufacturing Equipment
  • Water Processing Plant Equipment
  • Food Processing Equipment
  • Recreational Equipment
  • Valves & Couplings
  • Hoppers & Chutes
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